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GEM Hazard Team Wiki

Welcome! This is the home page of the wiki maintained by the GEM hazard team. In this wiki you will find information on the models and tools prepared by the GEM hazard team.


The GEM hazard team leads the development of a comprehensive suite of tools for the preparation of basic datasets, the construction of various components of the PSHA input models, and for the calculation of hazard. All these tools are part of the OpenQuake suite, a collection of datasets, tools and models for earthquake hazard and risk modelling developed by the Global Earthquake Model. If you want to learn more about the tools we develop or you want to contribute please have a look at the links below:

Hazard models

GEM is creating a a database of earthquake hazard models that by 2018 will have global coverage. This database is a collection of openly accessible PSHA input models described using the format used to describe PSHA input models for the OpenQuake-engine. The models included in this database are primarily models developed by well recognised national research institutions, international projects or through scientific collaboration.



  • Julio Garcia [Hazard modeller]
  • Marco Pagani [Hazard modeller - Team coordinator]
  • Valerio Poggi [Hazard modeller]
  • Graeme Weatherill [Hazard modeller]

Students and interns

  • Yen-Shin Chen [IUSS PhD Candidate]
  • Robin Gee [Intern working at GEM with a scholarship from OGS Trieste]

Former components

  • Laurentiu Danciu
  • Damiano Monelli

Former students

  • Luis Rodriguez


GEM sponsored five international projects aimed at the construction of either a global uniform dataset or of guidelines providing recommendations on the procedures to be used for the construction of a component of a PSHA input model.

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