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   * Kendra Johnson [Hazard modeller]   * Kendra Johnson [Hazard modeller]
   * Marco Pagani [Hazard modeller - Team coordinator]   * Marco Pagani [Hazard modeller - Team coordinator]
-  * Valerio Poggi [Hazard modeller] 
   * Richard Styron [Active Fault specialist]   * Richard Styron [Active Fault specialist]
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   * Laurentiu Danciu [now at SED-ETH Zurich]   * Laurentiu Danciu [now at SED-ETH Zurich]
   * Damiano Monelli [now at Tokio Millennium Re Ltd.]   * Damiano Monelli [now at Tokio Millennium Re Ltd.]
 +  * Valerio Poggi [now at Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale]
   * Graeme Weatherill [now at GFZ Potsdam]   * Graeme Weatherill [now at GFZ Potsdam]
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