The GNS 2012 Seismic Hazard Model for New Zealand

The seismic source model

The GNS 2010 seismic source model consists of

The ground motion model

The GNS 2010 ground motion model includes


  • Si, H. and Midorikawa, S. (2000). New attenuation relationships for peak ground acceleration and velocity considering effects of fault type and site condition. In Proceedings of the 12th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering Online version

Model summary table

This table summarises the main characteristics of the original implementation of this model

1 Datasets availability
1.1 Earthquake catalogue
1.2 Geological database
1.3 Strong-motion database
1.4 Site characterization database
2 Methodology for model development
2.1 Scientific participation (SSHAC levels) and review process
2.2 Documentation describing model preparation
2.3 Codes used for model preparation Not available
3 PSHA input model
3.1 Seismic Source Model
3.1.1 Area sources Not included
3.1.2 Grid sources Included
3.1.3 Crustal faults Included
3.1.4 Subduction faults Included
3.1.5 In-slab seismicity Modelled as XXX
3.1.6 Non-parametric ruptures Included
3.1.7 Magnitude-scaling relationships Hanks and Bakun, 2002; Villamor et al., 2007; Stirling et al., 2008
3.2 Ground Motion Model
3.2.0 Tectonic regionalisation Not included
3.2.1 Models for active shallow seismicity McVerry et al., 2006
3.2.2 Models for subduction interface McVerry et al., 2006
3.2.3 Models for subduction intraslab McVerry et al., 2006
3.2.4 Models for stable continental regions Not included
3.2.5 Models for deep non-subduction sources Not included
3.2.6 Models for volcanic areas McVerry et al., 2006
3.3 Site Response Model
3.3.1 Based on GMPEs Yes
3.3.2 Based on site-response analysis No
3.4 Epistemic uncertainties
3.4.1 Seismic Source Model Not included
3.4.1 Ground Motion Model Not included
3.4.2 Site Response Model Not included
4 Hazard Input Description
4.1 Hazard input document Not available
4.2 Input files Available
Notes Information about this model can be found in Stirling et al., 2013
5 Calculation
5.1 Software Not available
5.2 Results
5.2.1 Hazard curves Available
5.2.2 Hazard maps Available
5.2.3 Uniform hazard spectra Not available
5.2.4 Disaggregation Not available
5.2.5 Stochastic event sets Not available
5.2.6 Ground motion fields Not available
Notes The results of the calculation can be downloaded from this website:
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