Middle East: EMME (2014)

The EMME PSHA model has been developed in the framework of a project sponsored by


Earthquake catalogues

The catalogs used to create the EMME PSHA input model are the following:

  1. AA

Active fault database

Ground motion prediction equations

PSHA input model building methodology

Catalogue compilation

Catalogue processing

Modelling of distributed seismicity

  • Area sources
  • Smoothing


  • Methodology for activity rate definition

Ground Motion Prediction Equations

Selection Criteria


Modelling epistemic uncertainties

PSHA Calculation

  • Original software adopted


  • Rojas, W., H. Bungum, C. Lindholm (1993). Historical and recent earth- quakes in Central America, Rev. Geol. Amer. Central 16, 5–21 pdf
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